Ekphrastic Poems


Photo credit: sharplittlepencil.com

We would like to share with you some of the poems written by the members of the Womaninc poetry group. The poems were inspired by a picture prompt ( shown above ) given to the group on 3rd June 2016. The first poem is by Anupama Agrawal Goyal



आकाश बाँह भर
बाँह आकाश भर
उड़ने दो मुझे

ओक भर धूप
पीने दो ना
जीने दो मुझे

दिल की कच्ची मिट्टी
पैरों तले
रूँधने दो
सपनों का दीपक
गढ़ने दो मुझे

हवा की सरगम पर
साँसों का कलरव
सुनने दो मुझे

पाँच पड़ाव
उम्र के
संगी मेरे हैं
पाँचों का हाथ
थाम कर
चलने दो मुझे


English Translation:


Sky in armfuls

Armfuls in the sky

Let me fly

Allow me

a tiny sip of sunlight

Let me live

Let me raze

the heart’s tender earth

beneath my feet

and create a lamp

for my dreams

Let me hear

the chirping of my breaths

on the melody of the breeze

The five stages of life

are my companions

Let me entwine my hands with all five

and walk ahead.



Anupama Agrawal Goyal

Anupama is a multi faceted artist and co founder of a Jewelry initiative, Khanak.


English Translation by Vinita Agrawal


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