Ekphrastic Poem 5



The final poem in our series of five written for a picture prompt by members of the Womaninc poetry group is a lilting, nostalgic but joyous poem by Nalini Ganguly.


On those fields of golden corn from long forgotten days
My mind’s eye closed somewhere along the line
To open and unsheathe each fresh stalk anew
As the pains of today fade away and voices beckon
Kindred souls from a lifetime away,
Let us kick off those well-worn sandals
Hold hands; lead each other through fields of delight
We shall live again in those mellow fields of golden corn
Open shut doors; regain the days of our carefree youth
Across the wayward breeze, Sisters! Hear me call your names …


Nalini Ganguly is a Delhi based editor, author and poet.

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