Nothing but Perfect

I am not my parents and their beliefs

I am not my family and its bonds

I am not my religion and its dogma

I am not my friends and their views

I am not my peers and their pressure

I am not my roles or my profession

I am not what I own or my possessions

I am not what I do or my habits

I am not my talents and my skills

I am not society and its standards

I am not my country or its government

I am not a state or a status

I am not my face or how it looks

I am not my body or its health

I am not my mind or what it thinks

I am not my ego or what it defends

I am no one and nobody

I am nothing, but Perfect




About the poet, Gursheel Walia

Gursheel, 48, is an Indian Television veteran with many years of experience, working with broadcast networks, like Star TV, Turner and Sony as head of their Fiction content. She also has considerable experience in advertising. A mass communications post graduate diploma holder from Sophia College, Mumbai, and a Pune University topper holding a Masters degree in English language and literature, Gursheel has had a unique mix in her upbringing, work, life and career. While she belongs to the rich cultural traditional of Punjab, as her family hails from Amritsar, she was born and raised in Pune, the academic and intellectual hub of the east, and then went on to have a long media career in the glitzy and grungy Mumbai for over 20 years.

Socially conscious since a youngster, she has always held strong views on the evolving status of women and the ever changing man-woman relationship dynamic in marriages and families in Indian society, a passion that helped her create some of the most successful women-oriented shows and relationship dramas on Indian TV. She believes that it’s the rising of the Divine Feminine principle in the universe, in all walks of life, that will be the key contributor to the evolution of our collective consciousness and tilt the scales to a more balanced, healthy and wholesome world in the future.

She also feels close to the subject of small town migrants eking a career out in big cities in India, and the challenge and impact of it on an individual’s personality. She also considers herself to be a Mumbai aficionado, since the city truly fulfilled the role of being a city of dreams in her life.

Gursheel is currently exploring her creative side beyond the corporate framework, and a world without the pace of moving images on screen but with the depth of words standing still on paper.


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