Our Home — A River

Our home, like a river flows
Breathes in sunshine, glints, glows

Dresses in shadows drawn by the morning sun
Windows twinkling, glowing with irrepressible fun

Grows, expands gently, with our hearts,
Accommodates guests, welcomes in every part

Ebbs to cocoon us, a soothing coolness, show
On a hot day, provides shade, shadow

Washes away the tiredness of a long day
A refuge from battles, a place of rest, of play

A restless launching pad for new adventures,
A sustaining comfort, in tumultuous ventures

Our home like a river flows, stolid, solvent
Ever changing, ever flowing, ever constant


14593727_10210460791573935_372406599_nSubhashini Koundinya-Iyer (Shubha) is a married mom based in Raleigh, NC. Born in India, she graduated with a masters in computer networking and works full-time as a quality assurance engineer. She reads and writes poetry as a hobby. Most of her poetry is shared informally among friends, in social media. Some of her poems are also available on her blog at http://thescribesscribbles.blogspot.com/ . .Her poems have been included in some anthologies, Resonance brought together by Poetry, Artists Unplugged and Kaafiyana brought together by Readomania under the aegis of Kaafiya Poetry Festival. Some of her poems have been included in an e-magazine, The Woman Inc. Poetry Project.

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