Bleeding Roses

Congratulations, M. Padmashri, your poem is one of our trio of winning poems for this month’s prompt… Speaking out against violence against women. May your pen have even more power in 2017.

Editors, The Woman Inc… Vinita, Pooja and Jhilmil


Dark rooms, empty terraces

Quiet afternoons, stolen time

A touch here, a caress there

Voice dipped in sugar syrup

Pockets stuffed with goodies

Ribbons and lollipops

“All yours” they smiled

And the rose bled, torn and pricked

God turned a blind eye to the demons in human garb

But came back again as Shakti

In me, you and her



M. Padmashri wrote this as a dedication to all the children who are abused by perverted minds. She is a writer and poet based in Visakhapatnam.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Radhakrishnan says:

    The beetles wait
    For the buds to open
    Fragrance never spread
    Before the overy is ready
    Animals shall never attack
    Until the shield is strong
    But man
    The meanest of beasts
    Pirks and pimps
    With sweetest poison
    Let Shanthi cut down Darikaas


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