Listen And Hear










listen and hear.

here is your dark,
your womb,
your abyss.

here is the place
shaken from grace
deeper than space,
darker than,
the blackest
of night.

listen and hear.

here are your very own demons,
step in despite,
your tremendous trembling.

what awaits you is death,
and a holy remembering.

it won’t be easy,
it won’t be trite.

listen and hear.

here is the space,
where secrets and unknowns,
illumined by light,
become lost children forgiven,
and broken hearts embraced.

~Lana Maree Haas

art by Christos H. Christos Bokoros Mpokóros |


Lana Maree is a Poet, Musician and Songwriter. She works as a Massage Therapist by day and recently became a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She has published poems and articles for Rebelle Society and Women’s Spiritual Poetry as well as written, composed and produced 2 albums of songs, a solo album, “Stardust and Moonbeams” and “Riotous Singing!” with her band, The Sonic Mystics. Lana lives in Kansas, USA.

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