The Woman Inc.

That Gut Feeling

Are women naturally intuitive or do men too stand a chance of honing these mysterious skills? Sumayyah Malik dives into the the realm of intuition and brings us some answers. … Continue reading

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Two Poems By Megan Merchant

  “ A Flower Between Two Streams” (Pocahontas) She is moving the salt bath into the shade. She is scraping the fatted flesh from the skin. She is dipping her … Continue reading

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Tears Fall From The Sky

A poem by Carissa Richetti   His calloused hands felt like silk against my skin Shattering reason. I traced the constellations on his face The anger, a beautiful masterpiece. I was … Continue reading

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Portrayal Of Women In Hindu Epics

Poornima Laxmeshwar takes a look at three iconic protagonists of Hindu Epics and unravels the spool of women identity the way it existed a long time ago. Indian Mythology is … Continue reading

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Two Poems By Joan McNerny

Waitress Sally thought everything was up to luck and she had zero. Her chances got swept away with yesterday’s trash. Every day working in this dumpy dinner slinging hash. There … Continue reading

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by Neha Srivastava When I was seven, I found myself in dire need of a signature. After one too many arguments, Didi and I decided that any bets we made … Continue reading

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Will You Still Love Me If…

  What if we accepted ourselves and others exactly the way we and they are right now? Acceptance isn’t about fatalism; it’s about genuine empathy and appreciation. When we practice … Continue reading

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LOVE: An Urban Legend?

Gwyneth Paltrow called getting divorced as ‘conscious uncoupling’ but that was 2014, it is still ‘irreconcilable differences’ as far as Jolie-Pitt affair goes. So at the fag end of an … Continue reading

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