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  Ananku Femininity that goes unaccepted remains unforgiving. Vengeance of Kamakhya in month of Ashaad – Brahmaputra devoid of ichor corroding muliebrity till it shrivels into a vestigial flicker. Decades … Continue reading

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Rape Poem

  Rape Poem Have you ever been raped? Have you ever dreamt of love while gouging out your eyes? Has anyone ever drooled saliva onto you, like a demonic dog? … Continue reading

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T-Shirts I Have Known and Loved

  I’ve hung on to a lot of shirts over the years. Some are too small. Others have holes. I keep them for the memories. They remind me of how … Continue reading

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Two Poems

Shelter Shift In the kitchen, she presses the phone to her ear with one hand, wooden spoon in the other. She grills fajita meat. Her brother in prison is on … Continue reading

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These Comics & Memes Explain What Feminism Really Is

Easy to understand piece on why we all should be feminists!

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May Queen

  by Lynn White   They crowned her the queen of May, the little girl. Chose her for her purity. Pure and white and smiling. Unblooded. Golden curls held by … Continue reading

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Be The Change

By Geeta Maheshwari   March 8 is not about offering discounts to women in stores and salons, cab rides and cinema halls, and so forth; all of which is mere … Continue reading

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What Makes A Woman Happy?

If one were to ask a woman, what makes her really and truly happy, what do you think the reply might be? Would she say, her work or would she … Continue reading

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    Submit To The Womaninc   Thewomaninc is looking for creative fiction, non fiction, poetry, essays and lifestyle articles on gender issues, women empowerment, feminism, girl child issues, domestic … Continue reading

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The Hunters Are Coming

  The Hunters are Coming     I hate November. My stomach is in knots and I’m glancing over my shoulder – I’m irritable and worried like when the madman … Continue reading

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