The Woman Inc.


  Note: Written as a poetic tribute to Emma Bovary, the voluptuous, beautiful, forlorn heroine of Gustave Flaubert’s novel Madame Bovary, also later adapted into an Indianized version in Ketan … Continue reading

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Tainted Love

When is it okay to walk out of a marriage? At what point does self-preservation become more relevant than a so-called value system? These are some of the deep-rooted questions … Continue reading

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Submission Call : QuillsEdge Press

QuillsEdge Press Calls for Submissions to 50/50: Poems & Translations by Women Over 50 QuillsEdge Press, expanding on our mission of bringing to the page more of the vital poetry of women … Continue reading

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We don’t need no validation

By Mahevash Shaikh Don’t expect a woman to feel validated just because you gave her a compliment! It is said that men compliment women more than women compliment men. But … Continue reading

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