Two Poems By Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi


On Diversity

Whether we are here by birth, choice, circumstance,
happenstance, contract, force,
or freak of nature,
we are all an intricate part of this complex tapestry
that defines the diversity
to which we ascribe our unity.

It is only through our uniqueness
when brought together in commonality
that diversity can be celebrated
as a whole
like a puzzle coming together completed
to create the picture of mankind
in the portrait of global life
where voices speak common truths
and a shared wisdom resounds.

Let us celebrate, then,
what bespeaks our similarities:
the fact that we are all human
before we are man, woman,
alien, citizen, race, color, gender,
nation, religion, creed, or tribe;
and let us sing the song
of liberty and freedom,
of dignity and respect,
and integrity
for the family of humanity,
with justice and peace for all.


Eternal Rose

The autumn sun warming
keeps rose bushes forming
well into the days of December,
but frost without warning
one fine winter morning
leaves frozen blooms long to remember.

Dormantly waiting
yet anticipating
what gray rainy showers will bring,
the bush saturating
while never complaining
sprouts roses that flower in spring.




Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi (B.A.English,Spanish; M.A. Spanish – Saint Louis University Madrid/St. Louis) lives in St. Louis, Missouri, writes articles, literary critiques, poetry and prose.

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  1. Artie says:

    Always inspiring! Love reading your works.


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