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Woman of Substance – Chitra Rochlani

Change is the only constant, as it is said. In our lifetime we make a lot of changes – to our jobs, to our choices of cities to live in, … Continue reading

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A List of Things Us Working Class Women Need To Learn Before Our 13th Birthday If We Ever Want To Make It

    french inhale kiss the first boy who learns your name on plastic bags and pencils are not allowed on this floor urine and you stealing CDs make-up food … Continue reading

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Woman of Substance – Manisha Mundhra Beriwala

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights is the biggest and most popular Indian festival that occurs in the fall season, typically around Oct-Nov. We think, living in the United States, … Continue reading

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Sakhi Awards Special Mentions

Things That A Bra Contains  By Kanupriya Dhingra Mobile phones, candies, shopping lists, stretch marks, your gaze, cash and coins, cuss words and their meanings, and, at times, also, a … Continue reading

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Sakhi Awards Special Mentions

Keep me burning By Preeti Vangani  I practiced crossing my legs the way my father daggered his eyes at mother if I wore shorts. Twin openings exposing more than what … Continue reading

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a poem for womens day

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Sakhi Awards Third Prize

  They Come For the Old Women By Thadra Sheridan When the neighbor came for my aunt she was alone as was more often than not; husband long dead, grandchildren … Continue reading

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Sakhi Awards Second Prize

Bowls After Shanta By Lisa Zou Ten times over— she says, if you say marriage enough times, it sounds like cage. In Nepal, Shanta scrawls numbers in italics and paints … Continue reading

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Sakhi Awards First Prize

Winner of the first prize in the Sakhi Awards 2018.     Green Thumb By Matilda Berke When you wake on the mornings when coffee is not enough to stir the … Continue reading

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Sakhi Awards Winners

  Wishing all our readers a Happy Women ‘s Day! After months and days of reading, sifting and shuffling through the 150 odd submissions that we received for the Sakhi … Continue reading

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