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A List of Things Us Working Class Women Need To Learn Before Our 13th Birthday If We Ever Want To Make It




french inhale kiss the first boy who learns your name on plastic bags and pencils are not allowed on this floor urine and you stealing CDs make-up food underwear is your mother kicks the shit out of your face can get you that for free so close your legs to anyone with a mouth you can get that for free you can wrap it around Him and you sell joints roll joints case joints you know what I’m talkin’ bout jail time gets you no love no visitors in the mental house where is your mother man you can’t bring that up here that guy says chokes you out of your mind yet not yet hot wire the buick is on fire get your ass out of there man in charge around here is empty is for empty visitors no love you are poor so eat the shit on the bottom shelf clearance rack and die smoke this and die drink this and die when he says to die don’t say anything about that man touching you beating you no one is listening to that baby inside that baby crying no one hears the rich white man say this is your seventh abortion stop having abortions who you yes you stop having abortions the rich white man says it’s easy next time say stop baby no more babies to forgive me ask them to forgive you ask you to forgive you poor baby forgive



Annmarie O’Connell is a lifelong resident of the south side of Chicago. She has worked in the field of domestic violence for over 10 years and is also a survivor. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Sixth Finch, Juked, Room Magazine, Verse Daily, Slipstream, SOFTBLOW, Vinyl Poetry, Curbside Splendor, Escape Into Life, 2River View and many other wonderful journals. Her first full-length collection of poems, titled Your Immaculate Heart, was released with Trio House Press in 2016. Her third chapbook was just released with Yellow Flag Press. She can also be found here:


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