The Woman Inc.

Sunset Hues

My window overlooks a slice of our lane
by the corner stands a gulmohor ;
bursting in flames
My weary eyes take a sip of the scarlet ,
scarlet; as it has slowly ebbed,
the dry months ,
the empty nest
Like me , my beloved porcelains wait behind the glass case
they are hardly in use these days .
The framed moments keep smiling at me,
they are wiped clean by my old maid
Time keeps crawling on my wrist ,
as it turns five ;
I slip into my walking shoes
and walk out of the apartment.
I step on the velvety green of the park ,
here I have some like minded friends .
I walk as briskly as I can while looking out for them .
A splurge of colours makes me stop in my track ,
the sky is smeared in sunset hues;
red , amber , purple
Awed by this magnificence ,I take a deep breath ,
I fall in love with the afterglow
I fall in love with life that has gone slow.

©mallika bhaumik 2018


Mallika Bhaumik is a poet and writer who has contributed in various e mags like, Staghill journal , wagon mag ,Cafe Dissensus , Narrow Road ,Spark ,Ethos literary journal and others .
Her debut book of poems ,‘Echoes ‘by Authorspress,India.has won The Reuel International prize 2018, and is currently available in Amazon.

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