Supreme Court in India throws open Sabarimala temple to women.

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The Times  Of India carries front page headlines on the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court.

According to the SC verdict, the Sabrimala Temple which hither to only allowed men to enter, will now also permit women  access to this place of worship.

Sabrimala is revered temple of Lord Ayyapa in Kerala. Women of menstruating age group ( 10-50 ) were forbidden from the temple for centuries.

The current, path-breaking verdict puts to the test any segregatory practice by a religious place of worship. It sets a precedent for gender equality in religious places.

Though divided on the merits of the judgement, the mass opinion is that it has narrowed the scope for a place of worship to justify exclusion of CO-religionists.

Source: The Times Of India , print edition, Mumbai, 29/09/18

photo courtesy: The Times Of India




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