Welcome Akila!

Please join us in welcoming the newest editor to our WomanInc. team – Akila Gopalakrishnan! Here is a bit about her :

G. Akila42761258_687273694975760_4168588750898593792_n juggles the muse, work, home and an eight-year-old daughter. She engages in free verse and the Japanese forms of haiku and haibun written in English language. She has read and conducted workshops in writers’ carnivals organized in Hyderabad and her works have been published in anthologies and several reputed online and print journals. She has presented poetry at various reading events such as the Goa Arts and Literature Festival, 2016, TEDx at VNR VJIET College in Hyderabad last year and the Young Writers Festival 2017 edition of Sahitya Akademi in Jammu. She is also an active member of the Twin City Poetry Club, Hyderabad. Her poem ‘Stains’ is one of the ten poems shortlisted for the Womeninc Sakhi Award 2018. Currently, she is deciphering contours of a dream in her first manuscript of poetry.

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