TWI Art: On Closure

New Jersey based Deepa Pisupati made special commission art for The Woman Inc. on Closure.

Here is what she has to say about her painting:

This painting represents two people who are at the end of their relationship. This relationship could be any – friends, lovers, family.

As the reach the end of their relationship, they look back and see the relationship for what it was – they see their role in the ending of the relationship.

They see both the toxicity as well as the joy and the love they brought to the relationship. They still love each other but they realize that their love is toxic, codependent and they were losing themselves in the relationship.

The toxic nature of the relationship is denoted by the dead branches when they are near each other. When they move away from each other, they thrive. This is denoted by the branches with the green leaves and fruit.

There is an undeniable bond between them that can never be broken. This is denoted by the Red Thread of Fate.

There is an ancient Chinese lore regarding the red thread (in the painting), ‘An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place and circumstance.The thread may stretch or tangle. But it will never break’. Every person who comes into our life is meant to come. Not everyone stays. When they leave , we no longer see them but they leave an imprint on our heart. This is the Red Thread.

These two were destined to meet but not meant to be together. They will always be connected by the invisible red thread. And because they have done the work – which is to see the relationship in it’s true light, they have closure and that frees them to form new healthy relationships.

Deepa Pisupati is a self taught artist. Most of her work is in an ancient Indian art form called Madhubani. Over the years, she has also taught this art to children and adults. She loves to experiment with various art forms. Besides art, she also does tarot card readings from her home in Livingston.

This artwork was done on canvas using oil as a medium.

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