Submission to Sakhi Annual Poetry Awards 2019-2020

(Picture courtesy: Supreet K. Singh)

We invite submissions to The Woman Inc. & Beyond Black Sakhi Annual Poetry Awards 2019-2020.

Theme: Gender and Inclusivity

The Woman Inc. is proud to be associated with Beyond Black, a subsidiary of Red Dot Foundation and Safecity for Sakhi Annual Poetry Awards.

The awards recognize and celebrate the diverse voices across the globe struggling for gender equality, identity and dignity.

Top three winners will get mentorship as well as internship opportunities with The Woman Inc. and Safecity, and further, a chance to get their work published in an annual poetry anthology along with top shortlisted poems.

Submit your works to


‘Submission for TWIBBS Poetry Awards 2019’ in the subject line.

Also send a bio, along with this information:

    Why did you write this poem
    How did you hear about the Award

Declaration of final results and release of poetry anthology is set for March 8, International Women’s Day.

Submission FAQs

1. Is there a limit to the number of poems one can enter?

A maximum of six poems per person.

2. Is there an age limit?


3. Can only women enter?

No. Open to all genders.

4. Is there a theme?


5. Is there a length limit?

Not more than 30 lines per poem.

6. Should the submission be copied in body of email or as doc attachment?

Doc attachment.

7. Should the bio be in the same document or attached separately?

Attached separately.

8. Are translations from other languages into English allowed to enter?

Yes, only poet-approved translations submitted by poet. Only the poet will be considered for the award as the award is for poetry, not translation.

9. Is it only open to any particular country or region?


10. How will I hear about the results?

We will contact you via information you provide along with your submission. Also check our website and social media for results.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. shashikalagadepally says:

    My query: Gender: Inclusivity topic
    is it only about women or Transgender also? Kindly clarify


    1. Pooja Garg says:

      All. Including transgender.


  2. Poems already published on other platforms can be sent


  3. Are the winners of Sakhi award announced?


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