TWI Events Conversation Series

The Woman Inc. Events is proud to bring you a TWI Conversation Series being hosted by Supreet Bains Sharma to engage and celebrate South Asian women and gain insight into their unique challenges.

As part of the first event, Supreet will be in conversation with Anu Bhat, CEO, The Rural Painter and Prema Roddam Esq., Board Vice President, Manavi and immediate past President, SABA-NJ on Art, Entrepreneurship and South Asian Women.

Supreet says, “As one who is part of this cohort, I feel the South Asian woman faces many unique challenges,nand not just the obvious one of being part of an immigrant community. Aspects such as a collectivist society mindset holds her back in many ways. Through the events, I hope to create greater awareness both within and outside of the South Asian community, and hopefully encourage more South Asian women to step forward in life – be it in entrepreneurship, in business, or as wives, sisters, daughters and mothers”.

The event will also combine an art tour by The Rural Painter. Anu will share her insight into each artwork during the tour. The exhibits will also be available for sale on request.

About Prema Roddam

Prema Roddam is an attorney with the New York office of Chugh, LLP practicing in the areas of Corporate Law, Immigration Law, Family Law and Commercial Litigation. Prema clerked for Judge Diane Clarke Streett in the Delaware Superior Court and for Judge Arnold New in the Philadelphia Commerce Court. She received her JD with pro-bono distinction from Widener University Delaware School of Law. She is actively involved with several philanthropic organizations and serves on the board of Manavi (, a South-Asian Women’s Organization.

About Anu Bhat

Anu Bhat began The Rural Painter four years ago with a vision of art transcending borders and helping artists in South East Asia, present their works to a western audience.  Having worked with almost twenty charity galas, her goal is to give back to both the artists and the community by bringing cultures closer through beautiful paintings. Anu curates original paintings by artists in Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal. The art is chosen for its spiritual vibe offering these talented artists an international platform for their work. The Rural Painter donates a percentage of their profits to Charity Water, NYC.

About Supreet Bains Sharma

Supreet Bains-Sharma is an award winning public speaker, coach and trainer. She is the founder of Ark Consulting, providing customized and curated training services to individuals and organizations. Supreet successfully transitioned from a twenty year corporate career to found Ark Consulting. She believes her work has increasing relevance in the tech-digital world, where presentation, relationship-building and communication skills are a key differentiator in a competitive job market. She is passionate about making people feel more confident in their abilities. Supreet enjoys expressing her creativity through words – both written and spoken. Her mantra is ‘you won’t know till you try’, and this has made her an accidental poet. Her poetry, public speaking, writing and blogging are all driven by her purpose – help people and honor people, especially women.

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