TWI Art : Gaze

Three paintings by Alka Writes

Acrylic on canvas
16 by 20”
Title: I am

Says the artist: This painting reveals more about the viewer than the subject, about their expectations of the unsmiling direct feminine gaze. Some see anger, others see defiance, and yet others see triumph.

Acrylic on canvas, 24 by 30”
Title: Behind Me

Says the artist: There is a patriarchal myth that women are no longer seen after a certain age, as though a woman’s worth is directly related to her fertility. That in the absence of a taut, smooth, young body, she needs to cover up her ugliness, and effectively become a sexless, nurturing dependent. This piece celebrates the older, thicker body, with short white hair, in a glow of warmth.

Acrylic on canvas
16 by 20”
Title: Then What?

Says the artist: H4 Brides face tough issues in the Silicon Valley. After arranged marriages with men they don’t really know, they need to adapt to a new relationship in an alien country, interpersonal dynamics dependent on their spouses despite having advanced professional degrees. Once the wedding is over, the guests are gone, presents have been opened, then what?

Alka Writes is a poet, artist and women’s rights advocate. Her work is inspired by her own journey as a woman, an immigrant, a financial analyst and a mother. She works as a senior financial consultant, and has been trained as a physician with an MBA in Finance.

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