TWI Poetry : A Rough Draft of an Assault

A poem by Nivedita Rao

A rough draft of an assault 

Lack of sugar or salt 

Lead to weekly assault 

A kick here. A kick there. 

The footprints of his thunder 

Everynight, landed on her threshold 

None could bear the sight it behold 


He never picked up the plate

Dried. Smeared with remnants. 

He would sit by the sofa, hold it

Like a trophy and wait 

Questioning, a hard slap landed on the face;

Names were called: Shameless. A disgrace. 


She ripped her blouse 

And blamed him; 

Pelted stones on his house 

Her incendiary remarks 

And a lifelong scar 

were his commitment’s rewards

Nivedita Rao is a poet who works with books during the day. She is published in a few noted publications such as Joan Roque Literary Review, The Sunflower Collective, Words and Weavers. Blogs at

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