TWI Poetry : Untitled, I see you

Two poems by Sarika Jaswani


Beneath a black-eye
& bruises blue

Behind bigotry of lies
A funnel for truth

Nectar that captures
Hearts of all

Like North Star guiding
Us thru 

A hope promising a better

Fighting a beast in humanity
Hiding in quilt of desires

Mercy of moment sailing us
From one breath to the next.

I see you

Parched eyes that have learnt to sip life’s honey
In storm of violence

Torn rugged hands that find diamonds
In darkness of mines

Mother strapping her belly
To feed another day to the night of dearth

A hero doesn’t wear a cape
They’re mapped in fatigues on borders 

Devout as a priest in pantheon
Housewife renouncing acclaim

A wearied night lamp and needles
For hours, knits, hats for orphan tender hearts

Teaching pride to labor
Humble janitor picking up trash hurled

Giving fight to ailments a compassionate mind
Infusing  a shot

Determination that has fought disabilities
Valiant and strong

I see you all

Sarika Jaswani has been running a non-profit, ArtinCrochet for a decade now. The nonprofit donates hats and scarves to orphanages and shelter homes. Fundraising since 2016 through sale of handmade crochet items, she has helped raise almost $3000 for children in need. Sarika is a certified crochet instructor from American Arts Council. She has also authored children’s stories for the “Toy with Stories” series which are available as NOOK books and Kindle reads. 

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