“As I sit by the window…”

By Zeba Kazi

water dew on clear glass sliding window during daytime

As I sit by the window and watch the rain turn into a drizzle, I
can’t help but think about the seasons that pass. Soon monsoon
with its puddles of water and grey skies will give way to winter.
With winter will come the memories of us sitting in the balcony
drinking tea and holding the empty mugs for the lingering warmth.
Darkness would begin to stay a little longer and everything will
appear peaceful, quiet, calm, and cold. Then would begin the
holiday celebrations; Christmas, Hanukkah, and New year. The
cold mornings will turn into warm, sunny days with a hint of
summer. Soon the days will be scorched by the unforgiving yellow
sun and I will complain about tans and traffic and heat and global
warming. Summer will slowly stretch into monsoon, making way
for months and months of unending rain. I will find myself by the
window again, anticipating the seasons. And another year would
pass. Again…

Zeba Kazi is currently doing her diploma in Gender culture and development while waiting for her PhD in literature to start. She’s an avid reader and an occasional writer.

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