Submissions for our Fall Issue are open!

Around the northern hemisphere, we have bid goodbye to the warmth, and are ushering in the beautiful cool temperatures synonymous with fall/autumn. Known as sharad ritu in India, the months of October and November are choc-a-bloc with festivities. Even if winter is around the corner, it does not prevent us from immersing ourselves in the spirit of the season. So what if the days are short and the nights are long!

However, the stunning foliage also reminds us that beauty comes at a price. Leaves of all colors – yellow, orange, red and brown mesmerize us but ultimately fall, creating piles on the ground – showing us that even in decay, there is beauty. The inevitable circle of life. How do we as humans see parallels in this? As we age, do we find ourselves letting go with grace, or holding on?

These are some of the themes we would love to see in our next issue – Fall and ageing. We welcome fiction, poetry, essays, artwork and photographs. Our submission period ends on Nov 30. Our reading period will be December and the issue will come out in the first week of Jan 2022. Artists and creative thinkers, get to work!

The next quarterly issue of The Woman Inc. invites your contributions on the theme in the following categories:


For anything on the theme not covered by these categories, talk to us at

Our other section of the magazine is Advocacy which is not covered by the theme. For this section, you could submit:
Personal narratives

We cover topics such as leadership, empowerment, women in business, gender, immigration, legal issues, race, culture, parenting, wellness, therapy, mental health, abuse, trauma, and other topics of concern to our readers.

To submit:

Please send your submissions with a two-line narrative style bio.

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