National Domestic Abuse Helplines and Resources for India

If you are experiencing domestic violence in India, this page provides you with the essential resources needed to find help in North, West, South, East & Northeast, and Central India. For life-threatening emergencies, call 112.

Swayam 91 98307 72814

Swayam is a feminist organization committed to advancing women’s rights and ending discrimination and violence against women and girls, based in Kolkata. Through their co-ordinated programme of research and awareness-raising, they work to challenge the societal norms and values that perpetuate violence against women and to influence public policy decisions that affect women’s rights.


Website containing the National Repository of Information for Women which lists helplines and One Stop Centresfree legal aid available to women throughout the country.

Operation Peacemaker

Domestic Violence Helpline: 1800 212 9131

Operation PeaceMaker aims to reduce domestic violence in India through thousands of PeaceMakers who are trained in family and marriage counseling and all aspects of the Domestic Violence Act. Our innovative approach using local women has proven extremely successful across Telangana.

Aks Foundation +91 8793 088 814

Provides support to victims, from all over the country and abroad, of abuse and violence in order to empower them to become survivors. They operate a 24-hour crisis line for victims of abuse and violence which currently receives over 3000 calls a year. Aks Foundation also conducts community education and gender sensitization programs, talks and educational workshops and has been instrumental in raising a voice against the social evil of violence against women and children.

Ministry of Women and Child Development

The Ministry works to ensure the protection of women’s rights both within and outside the domestic sphere of home and promotes inter-Ministerial and inter-sectoral collaboration to create gender equitable and child-centred legislation, policies and programmes.

Find a list of One Stop Centres which provide an integrated range of services to women affected by violence. These services include medical aid, police assistance, legal aid/case management, psychosocial counselling and temporary support services. Women in distress can reach the Centres physically or over the phone. One Sakhi Centre is to be set up in every district of India.

Information compiled by Domestic Shelters at

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