Fall-Winter Issue – Jan 2022

Anu Mahadev

As I write this in anticipation of the release of our next issue, snow is swirling and blanketing everything around me – summoning peace and suffusing the world with silence. But the precursor to this season was equally beautiful. It is good to know that despite the threat of climate change; some natural phenomena go on as usual. Yes, the pandemic has us in its throes, but in October, it had just started to show some signs of leaving. Alas, that was not meant to be. But in spite of its reluctance to let go, we as humans did not let it dampen our will to live. If anything, it helped us realize what is truly important in life. We sifted through the non-essentials and came to the conclusion that human connections – those irreplaceable people in our lives – are the ones that matter the most. 

Yes, I braved through the documents and the protocols and masks and airports to see my family back home, and that filled me with enough nourishment in my soul to last at least a few months. I intend to undertake this journey as and when I can – am grateful that I can. After all, the previous generations laid down the roots for us, made us strong with their trunks and let us, the leaves of adventure, fly away in fall to seek our destiny, while they stayed back, watching this circle of life unfold. Is there a better symbol of sacrifice than this? 

In this issue of The Woman Inc., we celebrate this sacrifice, this spirit of letting go. We hope you will enjoy this issue no matter where you are or what season is unfurling around you. Like me, if you’re done shoveling, then sip a warm cup of cocoa with marshmallows and sit to read some poetry, some fiction, essays and take in the artwork shared by our contributors. Enjoy!

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