The Woman Inc.


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(Picture courtesy: Rekha Joshi Mukherjee)

For expression, for freedom, for joy and for solidarity in womanhood.

The Woman Inc is a collective undertaking of diverse voices to initiate discussion and engagement on a wide range of issues facing women. We aim to provide, but not limit ourselves to, critique of socio-political, economical and cultural issues at large which undermine more than half of world’s population on the basis of their gender. We intend to strive for and to lend our voice to all such moves that carry the vision of a fair, just and equitable society.

Woman Inc is a place for every woman and her expression. Whether she chooses to speak through her writing, poems, books, pictures, paintings, photographs, enterprise, endeavors or something else, we would like to hear her voice. More than that, we would like others to hear her too. We recognize different shades of feminism and welcome them all. We are as much for the victim and the survivor as we are for the empowered and the cheerleader.


All our articles are written by contributors with different viewpoints. Therefore, the views expressed in the contributions are author’s own and not necessarily supported by editors or other contributors at Woman Inc.


We are an Open Access Publication. You are welcome to reproduce our articles in any forum 1) without any alteration 2) giving credit to the original author 3) citing Woman Inc (in case of an online reprint : a link to the original article here). Our authors retain copyright but grant Woman Inc a visible credit in case of subsequent publication of the same article elsewhere.


We welcome all voices that stand in empathy with women issues. We accept essays and articles on socio-economic and political issues facing women. You may also contribute essays and articles on popular culture, media, law, religion, health, nutrition, body, sexuality, human rights, activism, education, sports, fashion, and other topics written from a woman s point of view. We also welcome personal essays and stories of triumph and struggle as well as profiles and interviews. Similarly, reviews of art and culture from a feminist lens are also welcome.

All contributions, editing, technical and other work related to Woman Inc is done on a voluntary basis. Presently, we have no earnings, and we offer no payment.

We prefer all contributions to be between 1000-2000 words, though we accept shorter or longer submissions based on merit. The word limit does not apply in case of poetry.

All submissions may be sent to submitthewomaninc[at]gmail[dot]com.

We accept submissions as in-line texts as well as .doc files. We also accept relevant photographs, videos, images, links to accompany submissions.

Art submissions may be scanned and sent as .jpeg files. Photography submissions follow the same format.

All submissions need to carry author’s full name and a short bio. A photograph of the author to accompany the article is optional.

Some survivors sharing their stories may choose not to reveal their identity online. We respect that and their identity will remain confidential.


2 comments on “About

  1. Sanjay Tamta
    March 21, 2016

    Hi there, I want to contribute essays and poetry on women issues. Kindly notify me if I could. Thank you.


    • Editor
      March 21, 2016

      Send them to us.


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