Remembering Silence

  By Bhavana Nissima I memorize. No argument. No attempt to reason. Just leave the scene. Take a walk. Call. Stay over at somebody’s house. No argument. Leave. No argument. Just leave. The moment comes. I say, “Let me leave. I want to take a walk.” Fall on the sofa. Let me leave. Feel myself…

Surviving Family Doctor

By Anamika I write this today not because I need to voice or vent.  I have processed this memory long back and moved on. But I write this for you. So you may know someone else has been through your experience. So you may know you are not alone. It started with a general weakness…

#OneMillionPostCard 4 #SoniSori

Not the gun, not the bullets Not the police, not the abuse Not the prison, not the tortures Not the warnings, not the attacks Not the allegations, not the lies Not the wounds, not the burns Not the rebels, not the sarkar Not the arrest warrants, not the injustice Not the oblivion, not the awards…

Imagined Sisterhoods

Perhaps because I am an optimist, I think of transcending those boundaries. I tell myself: She is the breadwinner of her family and I take care of myself. We both value honesty and human life. We both value peace. We have a bond of caring. So can’t we imagine a sisterhood beyond the structures?

Fashion And Feminism

If we owe the Suffragettes our right to vote, then we owe Mary Phelps Jacob our gratitude for giving us the freedom and luxury of never having to be trapped in a garment that is not only uncomfortable but also claustrophobic!