The Woman Inc.

TWI News Circle – 10/19/18

M.J Akbar resigns over #MeToo movement. (News Source : NDTV) In the wake of the #MeToo movement growing in India, and as a result of several allegations of sexual misconduct … Continue reading

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TWI News Circle – 10/17/18

What happened to #WhyIStayed? (News Source: New York Times) Does anyone remember this hashtag from earlier this year? Women who then tweeted/posted on social media about why they continued to … Continue reading

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TWI News Circle – 10/15/18

First woman IAF president appointed. (News Source : SpacePolicyOnline) The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) has finally elected a woman as its incoming president, 67 years later. Professor Pascale Ehrenfreund, chair … Continue reading

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The power of pen

11th October is being observed as the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child every year to celebrate young women who have shown courage to take charge of their … Continue reading

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International Day of the Girl Child

Today is the International day of the girl child. This was established by the United Nations in 2012 to support and empower girls across the globe to address and combat … Continue reading

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TWI News Circle – 10/10/18

30 Indian schoolgirls beaten up in Bihar school. (News Credit : CNN World News) About 30 schoolgirls are recovering in a state-run boarding school after being beaten up by a … Continue reading

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TWI Woman of Substance – Uma Stewart

Long gone are the days when a house was simply a roof over your head and a place to hang your hat. If the exterior of the house is judged … Continue reading

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Girl, exiled.

undocumented rainwater on the soil of her birth falls in a symphony of lyrical arias and adagio – songs that no longer sing her to sleep. dry powdery fields usher the … Continue reading

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The News Circle – 10/8/18

Nobel Peace Prize Winners for 2018 announced in Oslo, Norway. (News Source : BBC News) This past week was when the Nobel Prize winners were announced and it was heartwarming … Continue reading

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Losing their religion

The ongoing case of the Kerala priests charged with the rape of a nun and several other minors is causing a lot of uproar in India. And why not – … Continue reading

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