TWI Phone Donation Drive

Many domestic violence victims can be saved if they have access to a phone line. Most of the time, the connectivity is cut off by the abuser at the first hint of resistance. Victims need to carry an extra personal phone at all times. A phone without any money balance in it will still dial 911 in US and 100 in India as long as the SIM has been activated. Most victims have financial access cut off from them and are unable to procure a phone or any connectivity device for themselves.

So many of us have old phones lying around the house. Old models, flip phones, phones we have forgotten about.  Do pull them out today and please send them for our Phone Donation Drive. Phones without charging cords and charging cords without phones are all welcome – we will make sure we match them up. Very importantly: please make sure all personal data has been removed from the phone before you send them in. Also please ensure that these phones are out of contract.

We collect these phones and pass them to various domestic violence agencies who need them constantly. Once we receive your phone, we will send you an electronic receipt.

If you are looking to donate your phone, please write to us at managerthewomaninc[at] for shipping details.

If you are a domestic violence agency looking for phones for victims, please email Pooja Garg, Founder Chief Editor, TWI at pooja.thewomaninc[at]

If you are in an abusive situation and need a device, reach out to a DV agency in your area. If you are unable to connect with a DV agency in your area, write to us at and we will try to connect you.

Meanwhile here are some other options for you to explore and see if you qualify.

Assurance Wireless Free Plan

Free Government Cell Phone Plan

Lifeline Program 

Stay safe! Stay happy!