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The News Circle – 10/1/18

Woman on board! California becomes the first state to mandate women on boards of companies. (News Credit : CNN Money New York) The new law was passed on Sunday stating … Continue reading

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Welcome Akila!

Please join us in welcoming the newest editor to our WomanInc. team – Akila Gopalakrishnan! Here is a bit about her : G. Akila juggles the muse, work, home and … Continue reading

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The News Circle – 9/29/18

With the #MeToo movement well under way in the Western world, especially the U.S., it is only natural that it would spread to other parts of the world. (News Credit … Continue reading

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Supreme Court in India throws open Sabarimala temple to women.

The News Circle ⭕️ The Times  Of India carries front page headlines on the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court. According to the SC verdict, the Sabrimala Temple which hither … Continue reading

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The News Circle – 9/26/18

Where are the girls? And what does this have to do with inflated gold prices and fluctuation in the international markets? (News Credit : The Conversation) Gold prices are up, … Continue reading

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Paper Asylum by Rochelle Potkar

  I am not a reader who can be enthralled easily. Anything can distract me: a film, a phone call, a friend, a better plan, the aroma of food. But … Continue reading

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The Crooked Order Of Things (From Mother Goose)

  There was a lonely lady, and she walked a lonely mile. She was found in a lonely old-age home, instead of her now lonely age-old home. She made lonely … Continue reading

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Ruminations from a Sick Bed

Last Sunday around 1:15 p.m. I turned old. A hundred butterflies gathered for winter jamming inside my left knee joint. A couple of snakes crossed over each other inside my … Continue reading

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Sunset Hues

My window overlooks a slice of our lane by the corner stands a gulmohor ; bursting in flames My weary eyes take a sip of the scarlet , scarlet; as … Continue reading

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  Arranged marriage   is like buying a crate of  mangoes   They stare at your body  from head to toe   Touching the soft supple skin of the mango … Continue reading

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