Feminism and Sex Work

Written by Zeba Kazi Mainstream women’s issues tend to be more marketable, that can be worked in a capitalist environment. For example tackling period stigma while advertising for their own products. The issues that do get attention, we cannot ignore the machinations that are behind propelling an issue into the mainstream. Even for combating body-shaming,…

TWI Poetry #Metoo #Rights#VoicesinPoetry

  (Picture borrowed from the Internet) Violence against women or episodes of misbehaviour and assault are not new or recent. Though many of them are now coming out of their own shadows against the guilty, there have been several of them who have used their voice and words as expression. Here are a few poems…


a poem for womens day

Woman of Substance – Arpana Moorjani

Hello everyone! Here at the Woman Inc. we are excited to bring you a new biweekly interview series with some special women – interesting women who have chosen to go off the beaten path, and find their happiness and success in what they feel passionate about – we call them Women of Substance! And our…

Fashion And Feminism

If we owe the Suffragettes our right to vote, then we owe Mary Phelps Jacob our gratitude for giving us the freedom and luxury of never having to be trapped in a garment that is not only uncomfortable but also claustrophobic!