TWI Safety Network


The Woman Inc Safety Network offers information and resources for abuse victims. We will continue to update this section with agencies you can use, including referrals to helpful contacts and attorneys.

For South Asian Women in US

No matter who and where you are, if you want to reach out to someone about domestic violence and abuse, this is the place to begin. 

Here are some links to Domestic Violence Agencies by area that work with South Asian women.

Atlanta: Raksha

NYC: Sakhi

New Jersey: Manavi

Bay Area: Narika

Looking to help a victim but don’t know how? Find out here. 

Someone opens up to you about their experience with domestic violence, and you don’t know how to respond? Here are some of the things which might help. 

Heard about Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)? Here is more info. 

Looking for info about Eligibility for Employment Authorization for ‘Battered’ Spouses of Certain Non immigrants?  Check here for latest news.  Read more here.

 If you don’t find the information you are looking for, write to us at and we will try to help you source it.

Stay safe! Stay happy!