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When we announced the theme of Renewal for this issue, we couldn’t have known what was in store for all of us in the following months. With Covid-19, things have forever changed for all of us the world over. Including the teeny tiny detail of our theme for this issue which is now more a mixed bag – as we have added articles which are valuable in current circumstances – and yet at its heart, it still talks about hope, survival, empowerment and yes, renewal.

Indeed, it is renewal that Harish Iyer talks about in his conversation with me about his journey through childhood sexual abuse and trauma, to finally a place of healing and empowerment.

We have interviews with global change makers who are empowered and empowering in the same vein. Huge thanks to Sairee Chahal, Elsa D’Silva, Bishakha Datta, Harish Iyer and Supreet K Singh for taking time out to answer our questions.

We also have articles on women healthcare and safety, with an entire section of Domestic Violence Safety Planning in regular circumstances and also these special circumstances. We have advice on how to pack your emergency bag which is worth reading for everyone because of the internal process it initiates. So do read.

We bring you articles on mindfulness as well as share journeys of those who have gone through trauma and made it to the other side.

This time around, we have divided the magazine into two sections so that all of the work we bring you in advocacy and literary areas gets the due regard.

So do check out our sections in art, poetry, fiction and reviews. We have enjoyed the submissions we received and hope you will too.

Stay-at-home and quarantine has been on our mind as we curated the photographs for the issue. Through windows, more than doors, is how we are navigating the world. And so every photograph in our literary section is now really a part of a larger photo essay that looks at a world which exists for us only because we have windows – whether we are inside looking out, or outside looking in.

A small beginning has also been made to add young voices to our magazine. As school students engage in discussions about gender identity and roles, we bring you some of their work to encourage them to develop deeper insights into these subjects.

A huge step for us has been to bring together an advisory board for the magazine. I am very encouraged that Aparna Bhattacharya, Elsa D’Silva, Soniah Kamal and Supreet K Singh agreed to be on the board and to support us through this journey.

Our TWIBB Sakhi Poetry Awards 2019 were announced on International Women’s Day but I do want to pull it up here and say how grateful we are to Safecity for partnering with us, and for the participants to share their work with us. We have a poetry anthology of shortlisted poems coming up, so look out for announcement regarding it soon. We also have TWIBB Fellowships being offered to winners in partnership with Safecity.

We continue our series of TWI Poetry Workshops with an upcoming workshop with me at Narika, the California based DV agency.

As we grow, we would love to have more hands on the deck. So do check us out and drop us a line if what we do interests you.

Below is listed our full issue of Summer 2020.

Stay safe and healthy! See you on the other side of the pandemic!

Much love,


News from Us

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TWI Issue of Summer 2020

TWI Dil Se

Harish Iyer on his journey through childhood trauma, abuse and survival

TWI In Conversation

Sairee Chahal on connecting more than 100 million women on the internet

Elsa D’ Silva on developing a crowdmap of more than 10,000 stories of sexual violence

Harish Iyer on lending a hand to pull someone out of darkness

Bishakha Datta on the importance of women’s point of view

Supreet K Singh on abuse at Workplace and her work with Safecity and film making

TWI Empowerment

Our guide to Domestic Violence Safety Planning during Covid-19

Our guide to Domestic Violence Safety Planning

For Domestic Violence Victims: How to pack an emergency bag

In Pandemic

Ananya Sankar on Women and Healthcare

Sahana Narayan on Teens in Quarantine

TWI Wellness

Sweta Vikram Shrivastava’s Stop Living in Others’ Shadow

TWI Candid

Kakali Biswas’s The Good Time is Always Now

Ritika Singh’s Please Give Up

TWI Poetry

Sarita Jenamani’s Untitled

Manjari Indurkar’s Desire Has No History

Anu Mahadev’s Renewal

Alolika A Dutta’s The Act of Disappearing

Sahana Ahmad’s Dear Sister

Laura Tivey’s Hospital of Living Things

Martina Reisz Newberry’s 20/20


Alka Writes’ Gaze: Three Paintings

TWI Fiction

Nivedita Hegde’s Scorching Heat

Sahana Narayan’s Just for One Night

Supreet Bains Sharma’s The Shirt

TWI Reading

Gayatri Sethi’s Reading List on Renewal

TWI Reviews

Ananya Sankar’s Review of Netflix series, Never Have I Ever

Anu Mahadev’s Review of Paula McLain’s book, Circling the Sun

Lopa Bannerjee’s Review of Santosh Bakaya’s book, Only in Darkness Can You See the Stars

TWI Young

Sapna Kappal writes on Evolving Gender Roles around her

Janani Balaji’s Poem on What Makes a Woman?

Rhea Roy Ganguly’s Poem on Life of An Adult