The Woman Inc.


Roshni was preparing to crack the herculean Joint Entrance Exams to get an entry into either Engineering or medical colleges. She was asked to take tuitions from Professor Bimalendu C, … Continue reading

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Women in Tech v2.0

I was tempted to name this article “To Uber or not to Uber” – that is the question. By now, of course everyone knows about this beleaguered company’s woes, thanks … Continue reading

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The Slap Of Words

  Speak Up Against Emotional Abuse I have confronted several cases where women have been the subject of emotional abuse. Women go into abusive relationship thinking it’s okay – well, … Continue reading

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Yeah, We Can Talk

People Power – Dynamics of group   mentality Most of us are familiar with the concept of “family friends”: different families gather together to enjoy each other’s company and engage … Continue reading

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  Note: Written as a poetic tribute to Emma Bovary, the voluptuous, beautiful, forlorn heroine of Gustave Flaubert’s novel Madame Bovary, also later adapted into an Indianized version in Ketan … Continue reading

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Tainted Love

When is it okay to walk out of a marriage? At what point does self-preservation become more relevant than a so-called value system? These are some of the deep-rooted questions … Continue reading

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Submission Call : QuillsEdge Press

QuillsEdge Press Calls for Submissions to 50/50: Poems & Translations by Women Over 50 QuillsEdge Press, expanding on our mission of bringing to the page more of the vital poetry of women … Continue reading

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We don’t need no validation

By Mahevash Shaikh Don’t expect a woman to feel validated just because you gave her a compliment! It is said that men compliment women more than women compliment men. But … Continue reading

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Becoming Grandma

“Grandma Lynn?” My adult stepson’s tone tells me he’s repeating what his kids have been saying. They want my attention. I have not heard their words. It’s the first night … Continue reading

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Book Review

    The Liberation of Sita by Swapna Narayanan   For some of us women, who have spent our childhood reading or hearing mythological stories and folk tales, the rhetoric … Continue reading

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