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The Crooked Order Of Things (From Mother Goose)

  There was a lonely lady, and she walked a lonely mile. She was found in a lonely old-age home, instead of her now lonely age-old home. She made lonely … Continue reading

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Ruminations from a Sick Bed

Last Sunday around 1:15 p.m. I turned old. A hundred butterflies gathered for winter jamming inside my left knee joint. A couple of snakes crossed over each other inside my … Continue reading

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Sunset Hues

My window overlooks a slice of our lane by the corner stands a gulmohor ; bursting in flames My weary eyes take a sip of the scarlet , scarlet; as … Continue reading

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  Arranged marriage   is like buying a crate of ¬†mangoes   They stare at your body ¬†from head to toe   Touching the soft supple skin of the mango … Continue reading

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Come, share your talent and write for us!

Would love to hear your thoughts! Submit your poems/prose/art to  

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Woman of Substance – Nirupama Mallavarapu

Technology continues to be a playground for the boys. Many companies are trying to bridge the gender gap when it comes to leadership opportunities, pay and flexible work options. However, … Continue reading

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Woman of Substance – Priya Virmani

Some people are born with style in their blood. Others find it overwhelming. Even with a full closet, I can tell you that most women on most days are confounded … Continue reading

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Woman of Substance – Rupa Krishnan

How many things do we take for granted? Elevator music, airport announcements, commercials? Do you ever pause to think about the voices behind the scenes of these ubiquitous features of … Continue reading

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Woman of Substance – Chitra Rochlani

Change is the only constant, as it is said. In our lifetime we make a lot of changes – to our jobs, to our choices of cities to live in, … Continue reading

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A List of Things Us Working Class Women Need To Learn Before Our 13th Birthday If We Ever Want To Make It

    french inhale kiss the first boy who learns your name on plastic bags and pencils are not allowed on this floor urine and you stealing CDs make-up food … Continue reading

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