TWIBB Sakhi Annual Poetry Awards 2019-2020 announced!

We are very proud to announce the winners of The Woman Inc. & Beyond Black Annual Poetry Awards 2019.

The awardees were selected by a jury comprising of Sairee Chahal – CEO Sheroes, Supreet Singh – COO Red Dot Foundation and Safecity, Harish Iyer – Founder The Jimmy Foundation, Bishakha Dutta – Founder Point of View and Pooja Garg – Founder and Chief Editor The Woman Inc.

Here is the list of winners:

Winning Entries

1. Vasanthi Sweta – If I wrote a letter to my daughter

2. Somrita Urmi Ganguly – Devi: Beloved, Betrayed

3. Madhu Jaiswal – Queer

Special Mentions

1. Pritesh Dagur – Most battles chose me

2. Pragya Bhagat – Iceland

As part of the prize, winners are recipients of TWIBB Sakhi Fellowship.

The jury had a wonderful selection to choose from. Thank you everyone who participated and for being part of this wonderful journey.

The winning and shortlisted poems will be out shortly as part of an anthology.

Shortlisted Entries

Here is a list of shortlisted poems from which the winning poems were selected:

  1. Decoration – Mehak Goyal
  2. Labels – Mehak Goyal
  3. Protect her – Mehak Goyal
  4. The Broken Side Lamp – Vasanthi Swetha
  6. LET ME SIN – Vasanthi Swetha
  7. Our reward is the Rainbow. – Malvika Vazalwar
  8. Queer – Anahita Sarabhai
  9. Forgiveness / Guilt – Pranjulaa Singh
  10. Unlabelled – Bineka Sadhnani Baksani
  11. Deep – Kirsty Niven
  12. Untitled – Sujaya Shetty
  13. You are not an airbnb room – Somrita Urni Ganguly
  14. Devi: Beloved, Betrayed – Somrita Urni Ganguly
  15. Every 8th of March – Vandana Kumar
  16. Let Me Tell You – Drishti Sanghavi
  17. Facebook memory – Pragya Bhagat
  18. Anchor – Pragya Bhagat
  19. Iceland – Pragya Bhagat
  20. Women are trees – Pragya Bhagat
  21. Departures are arrivals elsewhere – Barnali Ray Shukla
  22. Strings attached – Barnali Ray Shukla
  23. Times have changed – Ankita Anand
  24. Most Battles Chose Me – Pritesh Dagur
  25. I See you Staring – Priyanka Nachane
  26. Unlabelled – Bineka Sadhnani Baksani
  27. Does hurt have a gender? – Megha Sood
  29. WRITE – Meera Nair
  30. Rorschach – Shobhana Kumar
  31. Matryoshka – Oriada Dajko
  32. SHAKTI – Komal Gupta
  33. SEA OF WORDS – Komal Gupta
  34. Lexicon – Mehak Goyal
  35. RSVP : Yay or Nay – Barnali Ray Shukla
  36. Sympathetic Nervous System & I – Ayushi Mona

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  1. Awesome.congrats to the winners.I too participated but didn’t win my bad luck.

    Thanks, Dr Umera


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